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Havelis of Shekhawati

Between the 18th – 20th centuries, the nouveau rich merchant class constructed Havelis and grand mansions throughout Rajasthan in places, one of which was the Shekhawati region. I understood the transformative power of art when I first visited Mandawa in 2014. I was captivated by the splendour and architectural finesse of the Havelis in Mandawa and the many small towns scattered in this region. The Haveli walls are richly decorated with paintings. Every Haveli has its distinct artwork, depicting a mix of religious, mythological, social, familial, and historical themes. The public nature of the artwork of Shekhawati makes the entire region akin to an open-air art gallery.

Through this series, the idea is to celebrate India and Rajasthan’s heritage - a repository of our collective memories, which we must preserve and promote for our future generations.

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