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How I explored the Universe

“I want to become an Astronaut” was my answer when my father asked me what I want to do in life, a fond memory of class 8th which I still cherish. As a child, the universe beyond earth used to fascinate me a lot. I had no idea of what all is required to become an astronaut, that time I just wanted to see what lies beyond the planet Earth. All I could see at that time were the pictures in science books and television. As I grew up, the dream of doing something substantial in the future changed, but the fascination remained forever, and the Space continued to awe inspire the child in me and it still does. All those photos from NASA have been a huge impression. The Heavenly bodies present in the Galaxy have always been photographed by using satellites and various telescopic lenses.

This project is a result of my imagination of the Universe which I might not see in person; however, I have tried to recreate those memories and made these images indoor thereby using easily available materials. For me, this project a replica of dreams of being Astronaut and bringing memories which I might have witnessed while exploring the unseen Universe.

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